24/7 Emergency Care, Serving Texas

At Exceptional Emergency Center, we treat everything from minor to major injuries and conditions.

Stand-alone emergency care centers can diagnose and treat any type of illness or injury regardless of their severity with the added bonus of little to no wait times. Our emergency care facilities are equipped with emergency care physicians and nurses with expertise in a wide range of medical disciplines, and have advanced diagnostic equipment including x-rays, ultrasounds, CT Scans, and full-service laboratories at our disposal.


We welcome all private insurance plans.

Exceptional Emergency Center is a licensed Freestanding Emergency Medical Care Facility; we function just like a hospital-based emergency room, and we charge rates comparable to a hospital emergency room and may charge a facility fee. This facility (or a physician providing medical care at this facility) is an out-of-network provider for the patient’s health benefit plan provider network. While we are an out-of-network facility, all insurance carriers are required by State and Federal law to pay in-network benefits for any member needing emergency medical treatment. The state of Texas empowers you to use a prudent layperson standard when considering what constitutes an emergency.

By taking the time to review your insurance policy, you will find out your co-pay and if you have deductibles, co-insurance, or anything else that might fall under your responsibility. This will help you make educated decisions when seeking medical care.

Exceptional Emergency Center shall provide to each patient, without regard to the individual’s ability to pay, an appropriate medical screening, examination, and stabilization within the facility’s capability, including ancillary services routinely available to the facility to determine whether an emergency medical condition exists and any necessary stabilizing treatment.

  • Exceptional Emergency Center is a Licensed, Free-Standing, independently owned Emergency Room.
  • Exceptional Emergency Center is not a Clinic or Urgent Care Facility.
  • Exceptional Emergency Center charges rates comparable to a hospital emergency department, including facility fees.
  • Exceptional Emergency Center is not a participating provider in any health benefit plan or network.
  • There may be three separate bills for services rendered, one for the Emergency Room (facility), one for the Physician, and one from Rad Partners if imaging was performed.
  • You may find a list of Exceptional Emergency Center’s Facility and Observation fees in our Price Transparency chargemaster files.
  • Your out-of-network payment responsibility may be higher than an in-network option.
  • Texas Insurance law states that if a condition is deemed a medical emergency, insurance will pay in accordance with a plan’s benefits for the services at the in-network benefit level, but not all emergency room services are medical emergencies. Exceptional Emergency Center will work on your behalf with appeals to your insurance company to maximize your well-deserved benefits.

Uninsured, and unreimbursed, patients undergoing ER COVID assessment, treatment, and testing may be eligible for a Prompt Pay substantially discounted rate. This would reduce your charge to our at-Cost rate. The official cash price of the COVID-19 test alone is $427.00 (before discounts). The official cash price of the COVID-multi-viral panel alone (COVID-19 + Respiratory Multi-Pathogen Panel test) is $700.39, before discounts. Call for more details.

Exceptional Emergency Center offers substantially discounted pricing for the uninsured via Prompt Pay Discount (for the at-Cost rate). Call for more details.

Medical Records

If you are in need of medical records please find the emergency center you visited and use the correlating contact information.

Texas Department of Insurance Help Line 800-252-3439