Highest standard of Emergency Room cleanliness in the age of COVID-19

Exceptional Emergency Centers set an even higher standard of Emergency Room cleanliness in the age of COVID-19.

Company rolls out enhanced cleanliness methods and increased safety measures for patients, physicians, and staff to provide the highest quality ER care in the area.

(Texas, USA) – For years Exceptional Emergency Centers have been recognized as the gold standard for Freestanding ER’s in Texas. In this time of global pandemic, the company looks to be the industry leader and model for safety and cleanliness within the ER industry.

“We are living in unprecedented times. As a company we always look to the needs of our patients first and foremost. Their satisfaction is our #1 priority.”, said Bruce McVeigh, Chief Operating Officer. “We challenged our doctors and staff to look at new ways to increase cleanliness and safety for our patients. I believe our team has done that to a level that sets the bar higher than any other ER or hospital around.”

The Exceptional Emergency Center’s team researched what changes other ERs and hospitals were undergoing, consulted with industry experts, and followed Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations, in order to determine the top ways in ensure cleanliness and safety in all our ER care centers across Texas.

Changes have been made to every inch of the facilities. Focusing on the way surfaces are cleaned, contact with patients and guests, processes for admitting patients, and other safety programs, including enhanced sanitation guidelines, staff training, cleanliness inspections and more.

“People trust us with their healthcare needs and the needs of their loved ones,” said McVeigh. “We owe it to them to be the cleanest and safest emergency care center anywhere, and that’s exactly what we are.”

“We want to ensure that our patients do not wait to get care. It is vitally important that our patients feel safe in order to receive the care they need; and that is what Exceptional Emergency Centers are founded on. The best care for the best patients.”

About Exceptional Emergency Centers:

Exceptional Emergency Centers provide high level emergency care with little or no wait time, state-of-the-art equipment, a fully equipped lab, and onsite CT & X-ray services. Our facilities have a team of Board-Certified ER Physicians and highly experienced and welcoming nurses. Open 24/7 we are dedicated to providing the highest quality ER care.