Neighbors Emergency Center -McAllen Is NOW EXCEPTIONAL EMERGENCY CENTER

Neighbors Emergency Center – McAllen Is NOW

under Exceptional Healthcare Inc.

(November 19, 2018) – McAllen’s Neighbors Emergency Center, located at N10th St. between Martin Ave. and
Robin Ave. is transitoned to the new ownership of Exceptional Healthcare. The center will continue to
operated by the same exceptional team.
“Our staff are passionate about what we do”, says Medical Director, Micheal Mohun.
Exceptional Emergency Center is a freestanding ER that provides emergency healthcare 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week, with a fully-equipped lab and emergency team. The center offers high level emergency care with
little-to-no wait time, state-of-the-art ER equipment, board-certifed physicians, and highly experienced
In addition to providing emergency services, Exceptional McAllen continues to put the McAllen community as
a priority through contributions and involvement within city, school districts, and local efforts.
Exceptional Healthcare Inc. is passionate about serving several communities across Texas.
“At Exceptional, we understand that emergencies are inevitable and our goal is to oer the most exceptional
care, comfort, and support for families through that time”, says CEO Jeff Love.