Surprising Conditions an Emergency Center Is Able to Treat

There is a wide range of different conditions you can have treated at your local emergency center, like at Exceptional Emergency Center locations in Texas. You can visit an urgent care center for other needs, such as in the middle of the night, for medical attention which is not for life-threatening conditions.

Below are some urgent cases that you can to an emergency like us for:

  • Rashes: From allergic rashes to different dermatitis skin conditions that need immediate treatment, we can help you w can help provide treatment and relief.
  • Upper Respiratory Infections: Colds, congested chests, coughing, sneezing, bronchitis, and other forms of respiratory infections and conditions can be diagnosed and treated at one of our locations.
  • Bacterial Infections and Viruses: Infections are urgent and are treatable at our facility.
  • Broken Bones: Accidents happen all the time that result in broken bones. You can have the bone set and cast at one of our locations. If needed, you can return later to have the cast removed.
  • Wounds, Cuts, Scrapes: You can have wounds, cuts, and scrapes treated at one of our emergency trauma center locations—even those that require stitches or a tetanus shot.
  • Muscle Spasms: If you are experiencing muscle spasms, sometimes called a “Charlie horse,” we understand they are unpleasant and can be painful. There is often an underlying reason for these unexpected spasms and contractions we can help diagnose and treat.
  • Headaches: From stress-induced headache tension to more severe migraines, our healthcare centers can help diagnose the cause of the headache and prescribe the appropriate treatment.
  • Fevers: If you have a fever and no other symptoms, it means there is an infection. It is vital that you seek medical treatment if the fever persists and does not go down. Ignoring a high fever, especially in children, can result in more serious medical problems.
  • Sprains: If you are among the many people who sprain their ankles each day, you can come to an ER for urgent care.

Patient walk on cruthches with an injured right leg

  • Earaches: Earaches can be brought on if water gets trapped inside the ear. Another cause is related to excess earwax buildup. You could also experience this condition if there is an infection in the inner ear. You can get relief from ear pain and earaches at an emergency care facility.
  • Allergies: If you are among the millions of people who suffer from seasonal and other types of allergies, it is not fun when they flare up. You can get the relief you need by seeing one of our physicians.
  • Sinus Infections: Sinus infections can occur as a result of allergies, infections, and other medical conditions. When you feel like your head is going to implode or the pain is unbearable, remember help is available at our local urgent care facilities.
  • Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Shoulder Pain: Your back could hurt for a variety of reasons. You might have lifted a heavy item incorrectly. You might have overworked a muscle group during workouts. You might have turned incorrectly and pinched a nerve. You can get relief from the pain, any time of the day or night, at one of our 24-hour emergency care facilities.

Dad having terrible stomach pains

  • Joint Pain: Arthritis, carpal tunnel, and other conditions can make joint pain unbearable and painful. You do not have to suffer, and you are able to be seen quickly at one of our locations.
  • Urinary Tract Infections: If there is blood in your urine, it hurts when you urinate, or you have other issues, it could indicate you have a urinary tract infection. You should not ignore these types of infections, as they could worsen and even damage the reproductive system.
  • Light-Headedness/Dizziness: If you experience these conditions on a regular basis, you need to have it diagnosed. Light-headedness and dizziness can be caused by low blood pressure, low blood sugar, and other reasons. Discovering the cause can help stop them from occurring.
  • Stomach/Abdominal Pain and Cramping: This type of condition could be caused by infections, gastroesophageal reflux disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcers, and so on. It is in your best interests to find out what is causing the pain so you can find out if it is just because you have the flu or if there is a more serious problem you need to get treated.

Testing for flu and other conditions

  • Vaccines: You can get the flu shot and other types of vaccines you might require at different times throughout the year.
  • School Vaccines: You can get your child vaccinated as part of the school enrollment requirements in Texas.  
  • Mandatory Vaccines: Certain professionals, university students, travel abroad requirements, and others will require specific vaccines in order to be employed, attend college classes, or enter a foreign country. You can get any mandatory vaccines at one of our locations.
  • Diagnostic Testing: You do not need a referral from your primary physician or worry about finding specialists when you need diagnostic tests performed. You can get EKG/ECG tests, CT scans, x-rays, ultrasounds, and other diagnostic tests completed at one of our 24-hour emergency care facilities.
  • Laboratory Testing: If your primary care physician or employer has requested you get blood and/or urine tests completed, stop by one of our locations. Since we are open 24/7, you do not have to worry about trying to fit testing in around your normal work hours.

ER vs. Urgent Care: Which Is Better When?

Hospital ER visits are highly recommended when you have a life-threatening condition like severe chest pains. Hospitals are well-equipped to address these types of conditions in a fairly fast and efficient manner. In fact, this is why ER rooms tend to have long wait times since hospitals place a priority on the urgency the condition presents and ranks those with life-threatening ones much higher.

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have a life-threatening condition, call 911 or seek treatment at your nearest hospital ER.

Urgent care visits are better when you need immediate medical attention, but the condition is not life-threatening. An urgent care center is well-equipped to deal with the conditions mentioned above, as well as others. In addition, the costs to see an urgent care doctor are often comparable to those charged by your primary care physician.

For instance, if you normally have a $25 co-pay for primary care visits, then a visit to an urgent care center will typically have the same co-pay or one that is not much more. On the other hand, the co-pay to visit a hospital’s emergency room can be significantly higher. Some insurance plans could charge as much as $500 for a co-pay to go to the ER.

Visiting an emergency care center

Visiting an emergency care center is also appropriate if you need lab work performed, blood tests, urine tests, or diagnostic tests. While you do not have to schedule the tests or labs you need completed, it is highly recommended to call ahead. This way, the care center is aware you will be visiting and can ensure there will be someone on duty to perform the tests so you won’t have to wait a long time.

In addition, urgent care center visits are suitable when you cannot see your primary care physician. For example, they are overbooked and cannot fit you in until next week. Your regular doctor is on vacation. The office is closed for the day or it is a holiday.

As you can see, there are benefits of visiting a 24-hour emergency center over a hospital ER. In addition, you can you can get a wide array of conditions treated at a 24-hour emergency center from those that require immediate treatment to others you would obtain from a primary care physician.


When you need to see a physician and cannot wait to see your primary care doctor or have a non-life-threatening, but urgent medical condition, please feel free to stop your nearest Exceptional Emergency Center location. You can also call our emergency care and trauma facilities directly at:

  • Harlingen: 956-567-0371
  • East Chase: 817-566-0285
  • Livingston: 936-327-7000
  • Sachse: 469-202-8658

Remember to check back, as we are expanding and opening new locations on a regular basis.