Coping with Stress

Life is fast paced and stressful. Sometimes there’s too much to manage on your plate and you feel you just can’t handle it anymore. With family, relationships, work, money, expectations and responsibilities, it’s understandable if you feel edgy. Stress is bound to occur when the demands placed on you tend to go beyond your ability to cope.

Unchecked and negative amounts of stress for long periods of time can result in serious conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, high blood presser, weak immune system and the like. Instead of giving in to stress and head towards drugs, alcohol or harmful behavior, it is much better to resort to healthy ways of dealing with stress which can help you cope and positively influence your mental and physical health.


Yoga is a spiritual, physical and mental discipline that is practiced for health and relaxation all over the world. It helps in achieving mental clarity, allowing you to slow down and take a break from the hassles and chaos of life. 


Physical activity is another great method to relieve the everyday stress that you experience. It can help you blow off your steam while you go for a run, take a walk or jog, or lift weights.

Healthy eating

A balanced, light and healthy diet can definitely contribute to a better mental and physical health. Overindulging in snack or junk food when you are in stress put more stress on your body than you think and even negatively impact your mood.

Take a Break

Sometimes it’s essential to take a break from what you are doing to rewind yourself and allow your mind to refresh. Go for a weeklong vacation, pamper yourself with a massage or hang out with friends. Such breaks help to de-stress and enable you to refocus.

Get in Touch with Your Spiritual Side

Some people feel better after turning to prayer or find peace in meditation to soothe their edgy nerves. A spiritual shift in life may help to provide you a new prospective and relieve you of the stress that you are experiencing in life by allowing self- compassion.